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We see ourselves as much more than a supplier of different food products. Our goal is always to establish a value-adding partnership with our customers as well as our suppliers around the world.

We offer a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of the retail business as well as our product categories, and the mix in each of our product ranges is continuously developed in order to match specific requirements from customers and markets.

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CBP AS buys products in 48 countries around the world and we sell products in 97 countries making our business truly global. Trading in so many countries and cultures requires thorough knowledge about different cultures and customers. At the end however – trading is always a matter of trust.

Our range of products including chilled and frozen meat products etc is virtually endless. We offer a countless number of product combinations based on pork, beef, poultry and lamb. Cuts, recipes, packaging and other important elements can be customized to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

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