Colby cheese


Milk: Cows Milk
Traditional, creamery, semi-soft cheese made from cows milk. The sizes vary, but they are generally block-shaped and free of rind. It was named after the town in Wisconsin where it was first made. It is a washed-curd cheese, which means that the curds are thoroughly rinsed in fresh water to remove all excess whey and any stray lactose. This prevents the acidity in the curd from rising, so the cheese remains soft and springy, with a sweet and mild flavor. Colby has a higher moisture content than Cheddar and feels more elastic. It is also sweet, rather than savory. This cheese ripens in four months. It is made with a special procedure: when whey is drained off, cold water is poured on the curd until its temperature dips to 80 degrees F. Colby must be consumed shortly after purchase or it will dry out and lose flavor.


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