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Welch Holme Clark is and animal oil supplier offering lard oils and other animal fats and oils. We deliver oils and fats everywhere in the United States and we also export.
Lard Fat for Soap Manufacturing
Cooking Lard

Please see below some information about the lard oil.
The lard oil consists chiefly of olein that is extracted from lard and used especially as a lubricant, cutting oil or illuminant animal oil
Our company distributes animal fats and oils, such as Lard Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Tallow Oil, etc. We ship material in 5, 30, 55, & 275 gallon containers to truck load and tank trucks (not all products available in all pack sizes). Export service is available.
We supply animal oils to industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, lubrication, leather making and metalworking.
Whatever you need in Lard Oil, Tallow Oil or Neatsfoot Oil, we are your assurance of consistent quality and dependable service.
Our company offers animal and vegetable fats (fats oil and grease) to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, food, ink, paint, coatings, adhesive, lubricant & soap industries since 1838.



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