Limburger cheese


Milk: Cows Milk
Limburger is creamery, washed-rind cheese. The smooth, sticky, washed-rind is reddish-brown with corrugated ridges. The yellow interior hints at sweetness but the taste is spicy and aromatic, almost meaty. Milk is pasteurized at a temperature of 161 degrees F, the cooled to 86 degrees F. The milk is then inoculated with cultures, and then rennet is added for curdling. Curd is cut up, and then heated to 95 degrees F. The cheese is formed in rectangular moulds, and then it is salted and left to ripen in high-humidity conditions for two weeks. The temperature is lowered to 50 degrees F and the cheese matures for several months. Limburger has a legendary aroma, which is due to enzymes, breaking down proteins on the surface of the cheese. The cheese ripens in 6 to 12 weeks and has a fat content that fluctuates between 20 and 50 percent.


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