Munster cheese


Milk: Cows Milk
Munster is a creamery, washed-rind cheese made from cows milk. It has a round shape with sticky, orange, washed skin. The cheese is very smooth, fairly soft and has a mildly piquant flavor that can become pungent with regular washings. Munster is dark yellow with a strong flavor. It should be served with dark bread and beer. Munster is made with pasteurized milk, which is cooled to 90 degrees F, inoculated with starter cultures and curdled with rennet. Cut curd is heated in whey for 30 minutes, stirred often to accelerate whey run off. Curd is lightly salted, molded and drained for half a day and soon thereafter is sent to market. French Munster is one of the few cheeses which ripen from the inside out. French Munster has nothing in common with Domestic Munster, which is a white, mild cheese. In the USA, this cheese is known as Muenster.


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